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Any investor in Great Britain knows that the number one issue weighing on the nation’s economy is Brexit, with the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU looming. It’s more than enough to sour stock and bond markets, but the other aspect of it that makes investors jittery is the fact that the negotiations seem to be struggling. So, while Brexit is a given, what specific form and shape it takes is far from certain.

Are There Good Reasons To Invest In Gold?

It all leaves many U.K. investors wondering if there are good reasons to invest in gold? In truth, there might be a few. Gold certainly is seen as a safe position to put some wealth into in times of economic uncertainty, especially when the future value of the pound is openly questionable. Gold values have also been rising steadily for years, making it a sound investment even in times of political stability.

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While investing in gold is, in general, a good idea, it’s also wise to do it in a balanced and proper fashion. An investor’s portfolio shouldn’t go all-in on just one thing, as exposure to equities and bonds is good to maintain for most of their money. Still, commodities and precious metals, such as gold, are good to look into.

How to Buy Gold in the UK For Investment

Investing in gold doesn’t even have to mean buying actual bouillion and storing it in a safe. Jewelry and coins represent good ways to invest in gold. There are also ETFs that let a group of investors share the collective physical wealth.

Gold is also a way to invest internationally, and even back within the EU itself, considering that gold investment opportunities might exist in other nations that the United Kingdom does not have itself.

There are good reasons to invest in gold, but remember there are also still good reasons to diversify your holdings too.