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Gold Coins Ireland

Which Gold Coins Are The Best Choice For The Savvy Investor   In times of global financial turmoil gold has always been seen as a safe haven by the savvy investor. gold tends to hold its value over the short and medium-term and can smooth out market volatility that adversely affects other types of investment.… Read More »

Ireland Gold Guide

A Complete Guide to Buying Gold in 2020 Gold. Just the sound of it alludes to riches. Gold has been a precious commodity since time immemorial. In fact, gravesites dated back as far as 4500 B.C.E.1 have been reopened only to find a person buried with his gold, revealing just how precious gold was to… Read More »

Welcome to Gold Money Shop Ireland

Gold Money Shop Ireland We’re pleased to have relaunched the website as things in the gold market have been heating up considerably over the last few months. If you’re a gold bug then it would appear that this is what you’ve been waiting for as markets plummet, and the dollar comes under sustained pressure. But… Read More »