Gold Coins Ireland

By | June 23, 2020

Which Gold Coins Are The Best Choice For The Savvy Investor


In times of global financial turmoil gold has always been seen as a safe haven by the savvy investor. gold tends to hold its value over the short and medium-term and can smooth out market volatility that adversely affects other types of investment. But for the newbie to the bullion investment scene, the amount of money that it takes to benefit from gold’s steady reputation as delivering superior return on investment can be daunting. Fortunately, there is another choice – gold coins. Gold coins are valued not only for their precious metal content but also for the fact that they are eminently collectible – and often investments of great beauty. So in effect, the investor or collector gets an investment that delivers on a number of levels. They own an easily portable asset, it is one that can passed on to descendants, the rarity value of many gold coins can increase their value over and above the simple gold content – and they are an asset that delivers in terms of sheer attractiveness, unlike purchasing shares in gold producers or even bullion itself.

However, choosing which coins to invest in can be a daunting task – there are a myriad of choices. So what are the best coins that represent excellent value for the first time collector or investor?

A great choice is the one-ounce ‘Gold Kangaroo’ which is produced by the Australian Mint. These coins first reached the market in 186 (but were redesigned in 1989). It is recognized by collectors around the world and the fact that it is available in two varieties including a high relief version makes it a favorite among collectors.

The one-ounce Gold Canadian Maple Leaf is another coin that is prized by collectors and has been since it was first minted in 1979. The technology used in minting is of the highest quality meaning that the coin is tremendously attractive. There is a version that is guaranteed at 99.999% + purity but that does trade at a high premium when compared to the ‘entry-level’ (if that phrase could be used) Gold Canadian Maple Leaf. These are recognized as the finest examples of gold coins available in the world, according to Gold Shop Ireland.

There are also other options for those new to the collecting game – and these are the coins that are under the 99.9% threshold. That is not to say they are not collectible – far from it, it is just that they will trade at a lesser value to those of greater purity. Options here include the South African Mint’s Gold Krugerrand Coin at 91.67% purity and the first coin that many collectors will choose to kickstart their portfolio – the one-ounce American Eagle. It is an extremely attractive coin and the purity of the precious metal (91.67%) that is used in its manufacture is under the oversight of the U.S. government.

There are a myriad of other choices – however, it is worth noting that investing in gold coins is a great way to enjoy a unique investment – and the proven ability of gold to hold and improve in value over the longer term – it is the perfect way to enjoy a superior return on investment and the joy of owning an eminently collectible asset.